Rosewood Miramar Beach


The Rosewood Miramar Beach Resort is located in Santa Barbara’s picturesque Montecito community. The resort spans over 16 acres with exclusive Pacific Ocean waterfront. Trademark installed over 50,000 SF of EcoCast® paving, 15,000 SF of stone subslabs, 500 LF of colored EcoCast® cast-in-place walls, and 4,000 LF of colored EcoCast® curb and gutter.

“Miramar was the third project in which we engaged Trademark to perform the site architectural concrete. They are the best in class. They deliver superior, uncompromising quality and craftsmanship; go above and beyond in managing the work to attain condensed project milestones, and timely, fair and accurate on the administrative side. If you choose to hire them in preconstruction, they offer endless options and are limitless in their creative ability to achieve your designers highest ambitions. They are great partners in all respects and I look forward to working with them again soon.”

Tom Veje, Executive Vice President, Construction, Caruso