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We are Contractors

Landscape architects, general contractors, architects, and property owners across California trust Trademark Concrete Systems, Inc. to deliver quality, great service, and a skilled work force.
Trademark employs over 100 people, including Laborers, Cement Masons, and Carpenters.  Quality of construction is dictated by the level of craftsmen that are employed.  Furthermore, proper placing and finishing of decorative concrete requires specialized skills; craftsmen employed by Trademark have the specialized skills.
All of us at Trademark have completed a lot of projects together over the last two decades; more importantly, we care about each other and work hard to provide quality every time and it shows through.  Quality and service are what matters most to our clients; we are that contractor.

We are Educators

Our President, Lance Boyer, was Chairman of ACI (American Concrete Institute) Committee C-601D Decorative Concrete Finisher Certification and developed an ACI book entitled Placing and Finishing Decorative Concrete Flatwork.  The intent of this book and certification is to raise the quality of education for the decorative concrete industry.
Trademark provides numerous decorative concrete presentations and decorative concrete workshops every year; in addition, our presentations are AIA accredited.  We make thousands of samples annually for designing professionals to explore color and texture, we review specifications, and are able to provide cost budgets based on preliminary designs.

We are Industry Leaders

Trademark Concrete Systems, Inc. has been creating beautiful decorative spaces for people to work, play, learn, shop, and stay since 1997.  We mix art, function, and know-how into every project, understanding that our work must stand the test of time.
We are celebrating our 21st year in business this year.  Over the course of the last two decades we’ve earned our way to the best concrete projects in Southern California through caring about what we do.  We’re proud of our work and it shows.  Our employees are proud to work here because we value their safety and health, and their skills as craftsmen.


Trademark Concrete Systems, Inc. originated over 21 years ago by management and field personnel with decades of experience in decorative concrete.  The key to our success has been our people. We have become the recognized standard of quality in our field.  We keep our company the best in the field of decorative concrete through implementation of in-house training, continuing education, and involvement in organizations that support, guide, and lead the concrete industry.


Unlike other concrete contractors, we work up front to create a better end product – before the concrete is placed.  We review drawings and specifications, and offer our expertise through shop drawings, samples, and concrete mix designs that yield concrete work with better value.  Our field personnel are the best in the industry; all you need to do is ask our clients.  We meet or beat schedules and provide our clients with fine concrete work – from people that are easy to deal with.


You will find our decorative concrete at world-class resorts and hotels, museums, entertainment centers, major universities, office buildings, and retail centers; furthermore, we enrich our communities through our work at parks, schools, street improvements, and churches.





What Our Clients Have to Say

Concrete is an unforgiving medium because it turns from liquid to stone in a matter of hours. Once it is placed, there is no turning back.  So it is with patience and focus that Trademark Concrete Systems, Inc. approaches each project.

Let us show you our work – it says a lot.  Meet our people – you’ll like them too.  Trademark has been in business since 1997 – over 21 years – but our work will be in place for decades.