ValleyCrest Design Group/Jon David Cicchetti

Description of Project:
Project consisted of the removal and replacement of existing hardscape and landscaping at the North Block of the Long Beach Promenade located in downtown Long Beach. Trademark, in conjunction with ValleyCrest Landscape Development, previously completed work at the Middle Block and South Block of the Long Beach Promenade.

Size in SF (Concrete Surface):
21,000 SF of colored EcoCast® concrete paving.

Types of Color and Color Manufacturer:
EcoCast® Surface Retarder by Trademark Concrete Systems, Inc. and Colorful Granite Green, Westwood Brown, and Winter Beige integral colors.

Highlights of the Project:
Downtown urban walkway consisting of exposed aggregate paving (Granite Green) in combination with Westwood Brown seeded with Feldspar, and a Winter Beige EcoCast® medium sand finish. The center portion of the North Block paving has artist (Jon David Cicchetti) directed seeded aggregate paving.