Trademark Concrete Systems originated over 15 years ago by management and field personnel with decades of experience in decorative concrete. The key to our success has been our people. We have become the recognized standard of quality in our field. We keep our company the best in the field of decorative concrete through implementation of in-house training, continuing education, and involvement in organizations that support, guide, and lead the concrete industry.

Concrete is an unforgiving medium because it turns from liquid to stone in a matter of hours. Once it is placed, there is no turning back. So it is with patience and focus that Trademark Concrete Systems approaches each project.

You will find our decorative concrete at world-class resorts and hotels, museums, entertainment centers, major universities, office buildings, and retail centers; furthermore, we enrich our communities through our work at parks, schools, street improvements, and churches.

Our Skilled Workforce
Our hard-working team of managers and craftsmen embrace the skill, preparation, and determination for every project, every time. These individuals were invited into the Trademark family because each of them maintains exemplary character and determination.