Studio Pali Fekete architecture

Landscape Architect:
Lutsko Associates

Description of Project:
Restoration of the historic 1933 Beverly Hills Post Office and a new 500 seat theater. The Post Office incorporates a new 150-seat theater. Trademark constructed the cast in place planter walls and decorative concrete pedestrian and vehicular paving.

Size in SF (Concrete Surface):
940 LF of Cast in place concrete walls ranging in height from 4' to 14'; 34,000 SF of EcoCast® finish pedestrian and vehicular paving with Beverly Hills Beige integral colored seeded with Feldspar, 1,100 LF of cast in place steps Beverly Hills Beige seeded with Feldspar.

Types of Color and Color Manufacturer:
EcoCast® surface retarder and feldspar by Trademark Concrete Systems, Inc., Trademark Beverly Hills Beige integral color

Highlights of the Project:
The concrete paving consists of a multitude of parallel sawcuts, over 16,700LF, to provide a linear hardscape design.