Description of Project:
Playground addition at a private school in Irvine,CA . Trademark installed the radius cast in place seat walls, Precast Concrete Pavers, Flagstone, Hand set cobble and decorative concrete pedestrian and vehicular paving.

Size (Concrete Quantities):
400LF of Cast in place concrete walls with a EcoCast® finish ranging in height from 3' to 5'. 10,100 SF of EcoCast® finish pedestrian and vehicular paving with Tan integral color, 4,300 SF of concrete pavers, 1,250 SF of Flagstone, 700 SF Hand set cobble in stream, 160 SF of CIP Table Tops with a Honed Finish

Types of Color and Color Manufacturer:
EcoCast® surface retarder by Trademark Concrete Systems, Inc., Scofield 'Sombrero Buff' integral color

Challenges of the Project:
The project consisted of numerous site features that required precise layout and coordination for proper execution. Pour sequencing was crucial due to the site constraints and logistics. The radius seatwalls required precise lay out and forming to achieve a consistent shape for proper orientation throughout the courtyard. The serpentine bike track required significant forming and layout and was sandblasted at the intersections to create a delineation of the bike track.