Description of Project:
Ground up 600,000 SF, open air mall located in Oxnard, California. The center is lined with shopping, dining, & a movie theater. Trademark constructed the cast in place pedestrian & vehicular paving, poured in place walls, & mortar & sand set pavers.

Size (Concrete Quantities):
140,000 SF of both pedestrian and vehicular paving with various EcoCast® finishes & two different integral colors. Additional work included roughly 22,000 SF of sand & mortar set pavers.

Types of Color and Color Manufacturer:
EcoCast® surface retarder by Trademark Concrete Systems, Inc., Davis Colors Yellowstone & Taupe integral colors.

Challenges of the Project:
The shear amount of saw cutting alone on this project was extremely time consuming & pertinent to the final result. Meeting a demanding schedule & maintaining a high quality of work with consistent finishes and crisp, clean, saw cut lines help produce the final result.