HLW International LLP

Description of Project:
Office campus project consisting of colored decorative paving incorporating EcoCast® and board formed walls. In addition, 12,000 SF of interior floors received a polished concrete floor process.

Size in SF (Concrete Surface):
36,000 SF of colored EcoCast® concrete paving, and 12,000 SF of interior concrete polished floors.

Types of Color and Color Manufacturer:
EcoCast® Surface Retarder by Trademark Concrete Systems, Inc. and Davis Palomino, Dark Gray integral colors in combination with Natural Gray EcoCast® banding.

Highlights of the Project:
A large plaza project incorporating a sand texture with angular colored concrete paving and banding in concert with a sawcut design. The paving consists of three colors of concrete in bold patterns to reflect the angular design of the structures.